Pizza with pear, blue cheese and walnuts

This recipe was featured on LovinDublin a while back when they tried out our pizza bases. We’ve changed up the recipe a bit to suit what we had in the press and that’s what’s so great about making your own pizza - the experimenting with flavours, ingredients and using what’s available.

pear pizza.jpg

For a simply sinful weekend indulgence like this one, you’ll need -

Pizza da Piero Pizza Base

Grated Mozzarella

1 Ripe Pear thinly sliced

Blue Cheese

Toasted Walnut Pieces

1 small Onion

Tablespoon of Butter

(Optional) Handful of Rocket & drizzle of Honey

1) Pre Heat your oven to the highest temperature

2) Finely chop the Onion and sauté in the Butter on a low heat until soft (about 10mins)

3) Spread Onion and Butter on the Pizza Base

4) Sprinkle with grated Mozzarella

5) Arrange the Pear, Blue Cheese and toasted Walnuts on the Pizza.

6) Cook in oven for 3 - 5 minutes

7) Top with Rocket and drizzle with Honey

Prepare to have mind blown 💥🍐🍕