Spiced Lamb, Beetroot Relish & Feta Cheese Pizza

We got into a great discussion on pizza toppings a while back on Twitter. Some really tasty recipes were shared and one that I’ve been meaning to post up for a while now is this gorgeous Middle Eastern style pizza. The recipe was shared with us by Irish food fanatic Dee @gingerbreadmiss. Thanks Dee! Dee suggests we use sheeps cheese but if you can’t find any that a good quality Feta will work too. I used Feta, and yes, it works!

I thought the Bank Holiday Weekend would be a perfect time to give it a try and I wasn’t wrong. Myself and Piero had friends over last night and it went down so well! Of course, Piero served up his traditional Pizza Margherita. But for me, I enjoy nothing more than experimenting with toppings and flavours to see what I can create!

The flavours in the Spiced Lamb teamed with the sweetness of the Beetroot is perfect. A few shredded fresh Mint leaves to garnish and this pizza will be perfect for any Bank Holiday party you plan on having. I made the Spiced Lamb Mince the night before, so when it came to preparing the pizza I have all the ingredients ready to put on. You can make this pizza in 10 minutes

spiced lamb pizza

Ingredients -

Spiced Lamb

1 pack of Lamb Mince (usually 400 or 500g)

1 clove of Garlic

Half teaspoon of ground Cumin

Half teaspoon of ground Coriander

Half teaspoon of AllSpice

Tablespoon of Tomato Puree

100mls of Chicken Stock

For the rest of the Pizza

2 Pizza da Piero pizza bases (found in these stores around Ireland)

Janet’s Country Fayre Beetroot Blush

Block of Feta Cheese

Handful of Pine nuts

A sprig of fresh Mint

spiced lamb pizza

Method -

1 - Turn your oven up to the highest temperature

2 - Chop the clove of garlic.

3 - Fry up the lamb mince with garlic, cumin, coriander, allspice, and tomato purée.

4 - Add in the chicken stock and simmer until reduced.

5 - Spread the base of your pizza bases with the beetroot blush.

6 - Top with minced lamb

7 - Crumble over the feta cheese

8 -Sprinkle with pine nuts

9 - Cook in oven for 3 - 5 minutes depending on the oven. The edges of the pizza should be crisp but not burnt.

10 - Remove and top with fresh mint

spiced lamb pizza