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Black Pudding, Goats Cheese & Onion Marmalade Pizza


Ireland is bursting with artisan food producers. There’s so many people with a passion for food. It gives us great ingredients and we just love coming up with new and exciting pizza recipes.

Pizza bianco is a pizza made with no tomato sauce base. While sometimes it can be defined by what it lacks, it is the toppings on these pizzas that can really take centre stage…

black pudding pizza goats cheese ireland

I’ve used an Onion Marmalade as the base for this pizza. Teamed with some crumbled Black Pudding, Goats Cheese and a drizzle of Honey this pizza is busting with some of the finest flavours Irish food has to offer!

It’s quick and easy to make too. Perfect for those evenings when you really fancy something delicious but don’t have time. You could even pre cook the black pudding the day before and leave it in the fridge until you’re ready.

black pudding pizza goats cheese irish food

Ingredients -

Pizza da Piero pizza bases

Onion Marmalade

Black Pudding

Soft Goats Cheese

Honey to drizzle

black pudding pizza goats cheese pizza da piero

Instructions -

1 - Pre heat your oven to the highest temperature.

2 - Slice and pre cook your black pudding. Don’t over cook it because it will be cooked some more in the oven on the pizza.

2 - Spread the onion marmalade on your pizza base.

4 - Scatter on the cooked black pudding.

5 - Crumble on the goats cheese.

6 - Bake the pizza in the oven for 3-5 minutes

7 - Drizzle with honey, slice and serve.

Inch house black pudding pizza
pizza da piero black pudding goats cheese pizza